Agro Business: Japanese Companies Look For Cooperation In Agriculture Sector

7 December 2017

A Business Matching between Japanese Agriculture mission and Myanmar Businessmen was held at Park Royal Hotel in Yangon on Thursday.

Representatives from 11 Japanese agriculture companies and 26 Myanmar companies participated in the business matching. Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) organized the event aiming to help improve of Myanmar agriculture sector.

Managing Director, JETRO Yangon, Hiro Yamaoka said “I decided to participate in this business matching as I want to improve Myanmar Agriculture business by increasing the productivity. I invited the Japanese companies that are interested in Myanmar’s Agriculture and those who are doing researches on it.”

Myanmar has plenty of farms to work on but it is facing the problem of not having enough labour. Japanese agriculture companies want to collaborate with Myanmar to increase the import rate of agricultural products, plants and seeds.

President,  FukuiSeed Co., Ltd, Yuhji Imura said “I am confident with my company producing fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumber in Japan. I participated in this business matching with the aim of distributing good quality seeds to Myanmar. I chose Myanmar as a business partner as it is surrounded by big markets such as China and India.”

Myanmar companies are trying their best to be able to improve the agriculture sector although working together with hard working Japan companies is challenging.

Chairman, Myanmar Belle Co., Ltd, Yair Myint Maung said “I enjoy working with Japanese companies as they work very hard and don’t let anything go wrong. I believe that Myanmar Agriculture can be improved with the use of good quality products from Japan.”

Both sides hope for a win-win situation as Japan can expand their market and Myanmar can improve the agriculture sector.