Bean Industry: Demand & Market Solution

22 September 2017

The current restriction of bean import by India affects the local bean market. 3 million tons of black bean and 100,000 tons of toor whole bean left in hands of local merchants so far. A coordination meeting for improvement of bean consumption in domestic market was held at the Ministry of Commerce in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday.

The meeting focuses to nurture the habit of bean consumption and promotion of the high quality products. 

The Ministry has already laid down 10 points solution to help the bean industry. Bean merchants are urged to produce value added products for export.

Deputy Director General, Ministry of Commerce, Aung Mgg said “We plan to organize cluster for market research and bean zones to change good quality so as to penetrate more into the world market. The bean growers should cultivate substitute crops and beans in high market demand. We will take value added export plan and research for local consumption.”

The concerned Ministries and organizations also discussed to collaborate in using the bean as rations. 

The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation plans to find solution to grow other corps as a substitution.

Vice Chairman, Bayintnaung Wholesale Market, Yangon, Dr. Myo Lwin said “We need to produce good quality products and extend more market. The farmers should grow other crops and I expected the solution for bean market will be found next year.”

The government and Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchant Association also plan to purchase left over beans and pulses at a fixed price.

Bean Grower, ThoneGwa Township, Thein Kyaw said “We are now growing the mung bean in our region. We are very worried about the impact. I want the government to lay down policy to grow the suitable beans and crops in accord with market demand.  The local farmers need to take awareness on the current situation of the bean market.” 

70 percent of Myanmar bean export goes to India and the remaining 30 percent to other Asian countries like China and Japan and European countries.