Breeding Zone: YCDC Prohibited Three More Townships For Livestock Farms

20 September 2017

Breeding prohibited area will be extended to three more townships by Yangon City Development Committee. Breeders in that areas will be given enough time to prepare ahead, the Deputy Head of YCDC’s Veterinary and Slaughter Houses Department said.

At present, both commercial farms and backyard farms are prohibited in 19 townships in YCDC area.

Another three townships; Thingankyun, Dawpon and Thaketa will be set up as breeding prohibited area, he added.

Deputy Head, Veterinary and Slaughter Houses Department (YCDC), Myo Lwin said “As the population has increased in these three townships, the livestock farms have to be removed. We will inform the breeders through concerned departments. We will be giving time to prepare for relocating their farms. On the other hand, we will submit to concerned department to allocate lands to do their livestock breeding.”

Livestock breeding farms should be prohibited in densely populated areas as social impact could be occurred, the Director of Livestock breeding and Veterinary Department pointed out.

Director, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, Dr. Nyan Lynn said “As the living area has been extended to the new places, the livestock farms are closer to the people. So, the livestock farms should be replaced to another area to prevent from social impact. But on the other hand, the breeders may have difficulties on financial resources. So we need to implement more livestock zones.”

At present, there are 30 livestock zones across the country. Three of them are in Yangon Region.