Business Reporting: Forum On Media’s Role If Economic Reform

13 October 2017

US Agency for International Development organized the Myanmar Business Reporters’ Forum under the title Media’s Role in Economic Reform in Yangon on Friday.

The objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity for Myanmar journalists in business reporting. It also aims to learn about how to better report on issue of the economy, finance and business.

The forum also hoped to share the voices of journalists on opportunities and challenges in business reporting.

Mission Director, US Agency for International Development, Teresa McGhie said “..the role of media is related to economic reform in a couple of ways. If you better understand the economic reform and then also being an outlet for businesses helping  entrepreneurs understand what they need to know in order to decide whether or not to take a rest or start a business or decide where they should invest so all of that helps journalists are link between businesses and people between government and people. …”

Media plays an important role to report the country’s economic reform through printing and broadcasting media including online media.

The Forum highlights the needs for access to data and analyzing Macro and Micro economic issues for journalist among the media persons, government and civil society organizations stakeholders.

Country Director, Internews (Myanmar). Michael Pan said “For the economic reform, the role of media is essential because the journalists have a responsibility to report the right information which needs to know by the public concerning the economic reform process as well as the economic policy and the public also need to talk through the media what are the impact to their lives due to the economic transition. Besides, the government also needs to access the data for journalists for better economic story.”

Journalists from local media organizations, officials from concerned department, civil society organizations attended the one day forum.