Canadian pastor returns home after release from N. Korean prison

13 August 2017

A Canadian pastor who was imprisoned in North Korea for more than two years quietly returned to his home on Saturday.

PASTOR'S SON, JAMES LIM said "It wasn't easy, you know? You know, we've been very intentionally, you know, quiet from the media. You know, especially after the passing of Otto Warmbier, you know, we were in a position -- do we change our family's - you can call it - 'strategy'? Do we look at it differently? And we're very closely updated by the government. And we have to place the trust in their hands. And, you know, I think when we look back now in recent hindsight, you know, we can honestly as a family say that the Trudeau government handled it very very well. There is a certain statesmanship about it that we really really appreciate as a family."

He was sentenced to hard labor for life in December 2015 on charges of attempting to overthrow the Pyongyang regime.