Celebration Of Centenary: 100th Anniversary Of Cetiyingana Religious Examination

19 February 2018

Presenting honorary titles to presiding Sayadaws and provisions offering ceremony was held at Shwedagon Pagoda on Sunday, to mark the 100th anniversary of Shwedagon Cetiyingana  religious examination.

At the ceremony, honory titles of Zediyingana Pawara Thiri Maha Dhamma Guru  were presented to Rector Sayadaw of International Theravada  Buddhist Missionary Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalar Bhivamsa, Sayadaw of Maha Vithoddayon  Monastery Bhaddanta Thirenda Bhiamsa, Sayadaw of Nyaungdon  Monastery Bhadanta Narada Bhivamsa  and Sayadawof Kalewa  Monastery Bhaddanta Zagara Bhivamsa  by Union minister for Religious Affairs and Culture, Thura U Aung Ko.

The ceremony was held aiming propagation and flourishing of the Buddha Sasana, Chairman of the Central Committee for holding the event said.

Chairman, Central Committee, Tin Oo said “Today’s ceremony tend to honor the presiding Shwedagon Auwada Siriya Sayadaws, Sayadaws who have took efforts for this ceremony, and eminent sayadaws who had passed the religious exam during the past 100 years. It’s been over 30 years that Shwedagon Board of Trustee have supported in producing outstanding Sangas aiming for propagation and flourishing of the Buddha Sasana.

Meanwhile, dry provisions were offered to 294 monks who passed the Shwedagon Cetiyingana religious examination during the past 100 years.

Well-wishers participated in provisions ceremony offering foods and offertories to the Sanghas.

Donor,Tin Tin Aye said “I am very pleased to participate and donate offertories to the Sanghas on this rare occasion. I have heard that this religious exam is difficult for the monks to pass. I would like to make good deed by honoring and offering to the monks.”

Zaytiyingana Pariyati Dhamma Nugaha  examination was started since 1919 to turn out the outstanding monks as well as promotion and propagation of Buddhism throughout the world.