Colourful Myanmar: Art Exhibition On The Costumes Of Myanmar National Races

16 July 2018

The art exhibition organized by Artist U Mar Lar, featuring of "Colourful Myanmar Traditional Costumes", Shades of Art Colours of Inspiration Exhibitin-3 was displayed at National Museum in Yangon on Monday.

The exhibition represents the beautiful arts of Myanmar ethnic ladies which could express the national cultural identity, traditions and lifestyle.

Artist, Mar Lar said “There are over (100) ethnic races in Myanmar. Their traditional costumes, religious belief and lifestyles are different. The national races are officially recognized by the Union government. They altogether form the nation. I want to know more about the traditional customs and lifestyle of national races and want to share them to others. That's why I hosted this event.”

Yangon Region Government, the Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein and wife visited the exhibition and observed all the arts displayed there.

Chief Minister, Yangon Region Government, Phyo Min Thein said “Nowadays, we've all seen that most people in Myanmar wear the traditional costumes of national races. By wearing like this, they will get friendly relationship among each other. This is such a great event. I hope this exhibition will help to promote the unity among the ethnic groups.”

A total of (9) paintings on acrylics and (34) on water color were displayed at the exhibition. Visitors also expressed their views on this exhibition.

Visitor, Htet Htet said “I think this exhibition is different from others. Because all the arts represents Myanmar ethnic ladies, their national cultural, traditional costumes, habits and lifestyles. I like them so much. I'm very proud and glad to attend this event.”

Visitor, Maung Maung Thet said “I felt excited and satisfied after looking all the arts displayed here. By looking them one by one, you can feel the beauty and natural identity of Myanmar national races. For example, by looking at Shan costumes, you will experience that you'll get to the Shan state and by looking at Kachin costumes, I'm sure you will feel like that.”

The exhibition will run till the 18th of July.