Community Radio : Khayae FM Officially Launches In Htan Tabin Township

19 February 2018

Locals in Thae Phyu Village of Htan Tabin township is now get information access via Khayae FM-community Radio starting Sunday. This is the first ever community radio run by the volunteers with the support of the Ministry of Information and DW Akademie.

Community media play an important role in the multi-ethnic state of Myanmar. It can provide a valuable addition and the people can raise their voices and discuss issues that are important in their daily lives and for their local communities.

The Ministry of Information is extending FM transmission across the country in order to enhance the access of information to the people.

Union Minister, Ministry of Information, Dr. Pe Myint said “Community radio provides for the local community and connects each other. It also brings the update information to their areas. We welcome the launching of this community radio and local community should maintain for everlasting of this FM radio.  The local community can inform freely through this radio broadcast, but need to have responsibility and accountability.”

The launch of Khayae FM is a great importance for the entire media landscape. Local people have an opportunity to play an active role in the production of their media and can report on local issues, the official from DW Akademie said. 

Head, Asia & Europe Department (DW Akademie in Germany), Michael Karhausen said “This is the essential for the democracy and it essential to strengthen democratic structure. So, our role is to enable this community radio to raise the voice people here living in this villages to raise the voice and to contribute to the development for the democratic development of Myanmar…”

Myanma Radio and Television is also providing human resources and technical assistance for this community radio broadcasting.

Director General, Myanma Radio and Television, Myint Htwe said “This is the pilot project and we will continue more technically assistance and production process as well as experienced staff. Community radio will be appeared in accord with broadcasting law that has been enacted in 2016. The Broadcast Council will assign for the license in accord with rules and regulation.”

With the coverage of 51 villages in Htantapin Township, this community radio broadcast 4 hours a day, 2 hours each in the morning and evening. All the broadcast programs are run only by local volunteers.

Chairperson, Khayae FM, Khin Mar Win said “I am very delighted to broadcast the update happen our region. The local will come to know more about economic and social affairs. We will broadcast economic, social, health, agriculture and update news of our areas as well as micro finance condition. We can share the update information through broadcasting.” 

Khayae FM-Community Radio is a cooperative effort between Myanmar Radio and Television, DW Akademie and Su Paung Arr Mann Village Development Community Federation (VDCF).