Diwali Festival: India Embassy Marks Diwali Celebration

19 October 2017

The India Embassy in Yangon hosts a grand reception to mark Diwali festival in Yangon, on Wednesday.

Diwali is marked by huge firework displays, which are supposed to reflect the celebrations of Lord Rama's return. This is meant to represent light over darkness and the Hindu belief that good will always achieve victory over evil. 

India and Myanmar linked together in the field of people to people contact, in the field of culture exchange and cooperation.

Ambassador, India Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, H. E. Vikram Misri said “Diwali is one of the most awaited and popular festival in the Indian calendar. It celebrates the return of Lord Rama to his capital Ayotaya after defeating the King of Lanka in the battle the king who has keep Sita. It is to keep in mind in lesson behind the story of Ramayana which is this is the signified the term of the good over evil……. And I take an opportunity to send out the message good will and best wishes to all the people of Myanmar and particular to the people of India origin who are celebrating festival today and tomorrow.”

The recently state visited of India Prime Minister, who emphasize the greatly value of the role of linkages of India and Myanmar bilateral relations. 

Member, Myanmar Peace Commission, Dr. Aung Tun Thet said “Everyone is very happy and therefore I would like to congratulate the India community in Myanmar. And of course, we have such long history of very cordially relationship between the two governments. So, I am so happy to celebrate the celebration to the Embassy here...I think there are many level of relationship of course one of the diplomatic level, and we also strong the political demotion because India is the biggest largest diplomacy in the world. We are probably the youngest diplomacy so we can learn many things from India.”

India community living in Myanmar since many decades and old linkages that has existence through the centuries between the two countries.  One of the Indian community members said she is very much hope that the relationship will be going forward.

Katherine Thein said “Diwaili is very auspicious for the Hindu community and celebrated for about 3 days. During the Diwali, we worship and pay respect to the parent and older persons, families and friends meetings and gathering party. We share sweets and gifts and there is also a strong belief in giving to those in need. It is similar like Myanmar Tadigyut festival. Myanmar and India have very close culture and religious relation. I think our friendship will be stronger.”

Speaker of Yangon Region Parliament, Diplomats, India community businessmen, invited guests attended at the event.