Drug Facilities Busted: Production Facilities And Drugs Worth Near 10 Billion Seized

19 February 2018

Narcotic drugs production facilities and Narcotic drugs and related materials worth nearly 10 billion kyats were seized in Kutkai Township, northern Shan State.

Acting on the tip-off about the production of narcotic drugs near Lwalkhan Village in Kutkai  Township in the northern Shan State, military columns and departmental officials from Kutkai Township have been carrying out the security measures since February 15.

From February 15 and 17, the joint team seized 34 makeshift buildings used for the production of narcotic drugs, 12 generators, 22 freezers, 210 acid barrels, 165 diesel barrels, 60 gasoline barrels, 32 boilers, 200 acid bottles, 600 acid cans which can hold two liters, 750 bags of caustic soda, 150 baskets of hydrogen per oxide, nearly half million of stimulant tablets, 13 kilograms of stimulant powder, 43 kilograms of brown opium, over 10,000 kilograms of caffeine, over 1,000 kg of ephedrine /pseudoephedrine, 259 kg of ICE, 120 kg of opium and 23 kinds of related materials worth nearly 10 billion kyats, in four places about 2,000 meters, north-east of Lwalkhan Village.

The joint team continues carrying out the security measures nearby areas and will handover narcotic drugs and related materials to the anti-narcotic police Unit in Kutkai  Township systematically.

Credit – Commander-In-Chief’s Office