Education Bill Issue: University Teachers Declare "Higher Education" Bill Highly Centralized

14 January 2018

University teachers declared that the "Higher Education" bill is highly centralized than its mother law.

Representing 29 universities, University Teachers' Association said the bill is without discussions and opinions of teachers and students. Teachers said it is against the mother law, the National Education Law as the law says to take opinions of educational representatives in drafting the bill.

The bill was submitted by the Ministry of Education and will be discussed at the 7th session of parliament which will start on Monday.

The bill also mentions teachers' unions are allowed to be formed to conduct educational activities. Dr. Than Lwin Oo, a teacher at the International Relations Department of Yangon University, said it may lead to corruption when if unions get tightened in their works.

Member, University Teachers’ Association, Dr. Than Lwin Oo said “The current bill states that teachers’ unions can only organize educational workshops – it’s like the Unions can’t take actions on corruption. It may lead to corruption if the law is enacted without changes.”

Regarding the bill, University Teachers' Association has also plans to meet with the Parliament education promotion committee for discussion.