Equestrian Activity: Preparations Underway To Open Horsemanship Training

1 October 2017

Preparations are underway to open horsemanship training, Myanmar Equestrian Federation said in a press conference on Saturday in Yangon.

The training will involve elements from horse care such as feeding and management practices, training and the way to ride. The training is designed for about 25 members. 

Vice chairman (4), Myanmar Equestrian Federation, San Tun Oo said “The training is about horsemanship – we have a plan to issue membership card. Today, through this conference, we’d also reveal the federation’s plans. To regulate the federation’s work smoothly, we have federations in lower and upper parts of the country.”

There are 15 active riding clubs in Myanmar, and in ASEAN region, there are 6 nations which have active national polo teams.