Film Delegation: Thai Films Delegation Shares Knowledge

28 August 2017

Aiming to promote Myanmar Films, TV channels and various entertainment programs and become a high quality film productions industry, a Thai Films Delegation launched their technologies and techniques in Yangon on Monday.

Department of International Trade Promotion from Thailand and Royal Thai Embassy to Myanmar organized the event.

8 best Thailand production companies of movies, programs, series and documents opened the booths and introduced their production processes to Myanmar People with their respective presentations.

Minister Counsellor, Office of Commercial Affairs (Royal Thai Embassy), Mr. Pakainay Leng-EE said “The film industry in Myanmar right now, the industry that be focusing from Thailand, the Thai Business operators are very keen on this industry, we like to cooperate with Myanmar side because Myanmar has the potential in term of the landscape, in term of the equipment, in term of the manpower.”

Myanmar Motions Picture Development Department under Ministry of Information jointly participated in the event as well.

Deputy Director General, Myanmar Motions Picture Development Department, Dr. Thidar Tin said “According to their video-clicks they presented, we know that their techniques, technologies and standards are really higher. I believe that the collaborative works are going to come out from the discussions. Through the cooperation, our film production sector can improve and the win-win situation will be the best for us.”

It was a great opportunity for both countries' film makers to exchange their experiences and to match the business opportunities. 

Advisor, Grace Swe Zin Htaik said “Since long time ago, we mostly cooperate with private sector to develop our field.  Now, it reaches the government to government cooperation. It is a great development for us. We need to go with them until the distribution level because they are at the place of higher production with the international film making process. So, we would warmly welcome them.”

It is the very first time of goodwill visit paid by Thai Films Delegation.

About 150 responsible persons from two countries joined the event and the event took place the all day long.