Human Trafficking Issue: VP Stresses Stability, Peace To Prevent Human Trafficking

13 September 2017

Vice President U Henry Van Thio stressed that only when the state is stable and peaceful, social lives of people can be peaceful and prevented from human trafficking.

The Vice President made the remarks at the 5th Myanmar Anti-trafficking in Persons Day held in Naypyitaw on Wednesday.

Myanmar has been fighting against human trafficking for over 20 years since 1997.

Myanmar is encountering many forms of human trafficking such as forced marriage cases connected with China, and labor exploitation and forced prostitution and forced begging cases connected with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

President, Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation, Dr. Thet Thet Zin said “When the victims return, we search and contact with their families. If all is set, we reunite the victims with their families. After that, for the purpose of rehab, we give the victims vocational training.”

One of the Human Trafficking Victims said “I was trafficked to China in 2016 - I was told I’d get big pay if I go work in China and I was just gullible. I lived there for a couple of months. Now I am so glad that I can return home safe.”

Like other developing countries, human trafficking continues in Myanmar due to shortage of employment opportunities, low income, natural disasters and armed conflicts. Law enforcement agencies, NGO, INGO and governmental organizations are putting all-out efforts for anti-human trafficking.

Lieutenant Colonel, Anti-Human Trafficking Police Corps, Thet Naung said “Shortage of employment, low income and natural disasters and other factors are the causes of human trafficking occurred in Myanmar. Since the beginning of 2017 till today, we solved about 160 cases. We could solve 130 cases in 2016.”

Myanmar has shown significant efforts in fighting against human trafficking and now Myanmar was upgraded to Tier 2 Watch list in the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report by the U.S.