Hydropower Project: Thahtaychaung In Rakhine Chosen As Pilot Project

10 August 2017

In order to implement the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) policy, Thahtaychaung project from Rakhine State was selected as a pilot project, said at the monthly press of Ministry Of Electricity and Energy, on Thursday.

In June, the Environmental and Social Management System Policy has introduced after setting up the requirements, aiming at supporting in the drafting plan and constructing works of Hydropower project which are implementing by the Department of Hydropower Implementation.

The ESMS was drafted by the Environmental and Social Management Working Group with the technical assistance of Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). It is also hoped to have transparency in solving the environmental and social problems which occurs due to the implementation tasks of Hydropower project in the near future.

Director, Dept. of Hydropower Implementation, Ye Myint Tun said “Firstly, we selected Thahtaychaung project to implement as a pilot project because it's one of the projects being implemented by Hydropower Implementation Department in Rakhine State. Then, we will conduct a survey the environmental and social impact of this project. And for this project, we will choose a consulting firm to draft the Environmental and Social Management Plan.”

Moreover, the progress of constructing the Ka Naung substation, and the increase distribution of electric power to the industry were presented at the press conference.