Issue Of Farmers: 3rd Congress Of AFFM Holding In Yangon

20 October 2017

The opening ceremony of the 3rd Congress of Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM) kicked off in Yangon on Friday.

This year congress aims to discuss the report of implementation activities which have been done in 2nd congress as well as to elect the central committee members of the Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM) for next term.

Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar was established in 2011, and the objective is to educate and raise the awareness level and skills of agriculture workers and their rights by providing training on various subjects, especially legal awareness and protection.

President, Agriculture & Farmers Federation of Myanmar, Than Swe said “During three years, we conducted over 50-trainings concerning the updated technologies on agriculture nationwide. In this year's congress, we will discuss the future plans to conduct more training on agriculture among the farmers. We will also hear the difficulties of farmers across the country due to the existing land and forestry law.”

Myanmar is an agricultural country, and 70% of the country’s economy is based on the agricultural business.

Labour Minister, Yangon Regional Government, Zaw Aye Maung said “Most of the workers are from the agricultural sector. Today, the farmers will discuss their difficulties in the congress and will convey all the results from the congress to the concerned officials. So, we will know the difficulties of farmers through this congress. And then, we can address the issues of the farmers and implementation activities in the near future.”

The congress brought together over 150 participants of farmer leaders from all states and regions.

Member, Agriculture & Farmers Federation of Myanmar (Nyaung Done Tsp.), Khin Maung Lwin said “Most of our farmers are facing in farmland issue, so we will present our challenges in this congress. And we also hope to address our issues in the near future.” 

The congress will be held for two days until Saturday.