MNHRC Statement: Warning To Exercise Caution On Sexual Assault On Minors

20 February 2018

The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission released a statement on Monday warning the public to exercise caution amidst the numerous cases of sexual assault that were reported recently.

The statement said that the number of reported sexual assault cases in the news and social media has increased from 1,100 in 2016 to 1,405 in 2017. Among the 1,100 cases in 2016, 671 were related to sexual assault on minors and 429 on adults, while in 2017, 897 cases were related to minors and 508 to adults. In most of these cases, additional felonies such as theft, murder and disposing of the corpse were also carried out. The statement said these assaults infringed on women’s and children’s rights and threatened their safety.

The statement urges the public to take necessary safety precautions to prevent sexual assaults and cooperate in finding the perpetrators of such acts. In response to the public’s request to catch the perpetrators, the rights commission also urges authorities to effectively administer justice in such cases.