Payment Service: Tender Deadline Of Card System On YBS Extended

20 September 2017

Tender deadline on installing card system on Yangon Bus Services has been extended till the end of this month as entrepreneurs get curiosity on technology.

Tender invitation includes both local and international companies. The payment system drawn by Yangon Payment Service (YPS) welcomes all inclusiveness such as SME entrepreneurs.

Moreover, proposals with new plan will also be welcomed for the better idea, according to the Minister of Kayin Affairs Naw Pan Thinzar Myo in her capacity as a Vice Chairperson of Tender Supervisory Committee.

As for the deadline, it has extended to two weeks until September 29th hoping entrepreneurs to be better understanding on the system.

VICE CHAIRPERSON, TENDER SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE, MINISTER NAW PAN THINZAR MYO said “We got lots of questions especially on technology when we open email to ask by entrepreneurs who are interested. We want to be all inclusive so we welcome both SMEs who want to work as a part of the system and large international companies which have their own complete solution for business model.”

The tender process is hoped to be completed on December this year as the card system is targeted to introduce to YBS buses on February next year.

Cost will be set between 100 to 400 kyats depending on travel distance, the Minister said; the system won’t be impact on the payment rates.

VICE CHAIRPERSON, TENDER SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE, MINISTER NAW PAN THINZAR MYO said “We will try to set within the current rate when the new payment system is implemented. For example like a journey with 40-miles, the cost will be 400 kyat. So 100 kyat will be cut out for every 10-miles distance. So, the system will be based on the distance.”

The system will be consortium or an individual.  It depends on the winner whether who have own plan or follow the backup plan, according to the officials.

The proposals will be reviewed by the cabinet led by the Chief Minister of Yangon Region.