Polluted Water: Workshop Discussed Polluted Water Treatment System

13 October 2017

The two day workshop for the reduction of the environmental pollution caused by the polluted water disposed from the industries took place at UMFCCI on Thursday in Yangon. 

It was conducted from October 12 – 13. Jointly organized by UMFCCI, Myanmar food processors and exporters association with the cooperation of regional government, YCDC, Chemical engineering department, NGOs and INGOs from environmental conservation as well.

Vice Chairman, Myanmar food processors & Exporters association, Sein Thaung Oo said “Due to the polluted water disposal, there are lots of environmental impacts in Myanmar. So the factories should install the polluted water treatment plants. I believed that the rules and regulations of the related ministries can help for this step such as assisting technical support and providing funding.  We will release the final result of the workshop to the public.”

The workshop defined the meaning of environmental conservation. The invited guests talked about what they facing on the polluted water treatment system in their factories.

Professor, Chemical engineering department (YTU), Dr. Lat Lat Tun said “The disposal of polluted water will damage the environment. Nowadays, there are lots of factories emerged in several places. So they should dispose the wastes of factories systematically.  There are lots of methods of polluted water treatment systems. It also depends on the size of factories.”

The workshop was held to aware the laws and by-laws of environmental conservation, investigate the environmental pollution caused by the industries, get the correct treatment system, install the polluted water treatment machines in each industrial zone, and monitor the impacts of polluted water treatment system in factories. The final report of the workshop will be submitted to the state.