Pollution Issue: Workshop To Tackle Waste Water

10 October 2017

Preparations are underway for a workshop to find ways to reduce environmental pollution caused by waste water produced by industries.

Governmental officials, NGO and private sector personnel will participate in the workshop to discuss challenges and difficulties of tackling waste water issue, Vice Chairman of Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association said.

Vice Chairman, Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association, Sein Thaung Oo said “We need to find out how to clean waste water produced by the industries. Waste water is mostly produced by liquor industries. To tackle it, waste water management system is costly. Anyhow, we must find the ways to reduce environmental pollution which will also include law enforcement.”

In Myanmar, environment conservation law was enacted in 2012 and the by law in 2014.

The coming workshop aims to urge the private sector personnel to follow the law in order to protect the environment.

Officials from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Ministry of Industry, Yangon City Development Committee, and Industrial zones will join the 2-day workshop set to be held on Thursday and Friday.