Quakes In January: Dams In Phyu Monitored Followed By Several Earthquakes

14 January 2018

A magnitude of 3.9 hit in Htantapin on Saturday followed by a 4.3 magnitude quake in Phyu.

Another 4.5 magnitude quake hit 25 miles Southwest of Phyu on early morning of Sunday.

Frequent earthquake in Myanmar these days need to be cautious for the return of Bago Earthquake that had struck in 1930, the Assistant Director of Earthquake Division under the Meteorology and Hydrology Department said.

Assistant Director, Earthquake Division, Dr. Yin Myo Min Htwe said “If we talked about the danger of quake in Yangon, we need to consider the Bago Earthquake that had struck in 1930. That major quake caused damages not only in Bago but also in Yangon. But at that time, there was not a dense population in the city and no high rise buildings as well. Now, there are many high rise buildings and population is increasing. If we faced such a major earthquake, it will be a lot of damages. We cannot say exactly whether there will be such a major earthquake in Yangon or not.”

He added that the major cities of Myanmar are situated along Sagaing Fault. In order to make prediction for the possible earthquake, the Department is working in cooperation with a Technological University from Singapore.

Assistant Director, Earthquake Division, Dr. Yin Myo Min Htwe said “Most of the major cities in Myanmar are situated on Sagaing Fault. It includes Nay Pyi Taw area. At Pyinmana and Thasi areas, it has not faced any major earthquake after 1839. We cannot predict for outbreak of earthquake exactly. But we can now predict the possibility of earthquake. Our department is now cooperating with Nanyan Technology University from Singapore. We are planning to conduct a survey near Pyinmana and Thasi areas.”

From January 1st to14th this year, 15 earthquakes hit in the country, and 5 of them are around Phyu of Bago Region with the highest of 6 Richter Scale, according to Meteorology and Hydrology Department.

There was no of damage or casualties so far.  Following the quake, officials from the Irrigation Department inspected dams and reservoirs in the quake-hit areas and announced that the quake did not cause damages to the irrigation facilities. But the Department said the staff will carry out monitoring process.