Rakhine State Situation: ARSA Extremist Terrorists Burn 3 Police Outposts

14 September 2017

3 police outposts in Maungtaw Township area were burnt down by ARSA extremist terrorists, Information Committee said. Security forces, during their area clearance operation on Tuesday, found that the outposts, Mee Taik Chaungwa မီးတိုက္ေခ်ာင္း၀, Nant Thar Taung Chaungwa နံ႔သာေတာင္ ေခ်ာင္း၀ and Thinbaw Hla သေဘၤာလွ Chaungwa, were burnt down. Security forces also made an area clearance operation around Tonechaung Chaungwa တံုးေခ်ာင္း ေခ်ာင္း၀ Outpost on Tuesday evening.

They seized 2 remote-controlled mines and a black suit with mask on a boat 100 meters away from the outpost. Since the August 25 attacks on over 30 police outposts by ARSA extremist terrorists, security forces, governmental staff, Rakhine, Daingnet and Mro ethnic people, members of Muslim Community and Hindus lost their lives. The attacks also forced thousands of locals to flee.