Regional Parliament: Master Plan, Land Issue, Bill Focused

15 May 2018

Yangon Region Parliament held its regular meeting on Tuesday at the Yangon Region Hluttaw building. MPs discussed and reported the concerns and findings on “Agriculture Master Plan, Yangon Region (2018-2021).

The Plan is to improve the agriculture sector of 18 townships and to provide job opportunities – 6303 (directly) 35000 (indirectly) with 22 projects.

Concerning the plan, Hluttaw representative from KoKoeKyun Township constituency-1 discussed that only 3 projects out of 22 have been initiated. U Thein Zaw Latt from Khayan Township constituency-2 also discussed that it is important for the regional government and private companies to cooperate to reform the land for cultivation as most of the land has been destroyed by extreme use of chemical.

Grant permit issue for lands in Ywarthargyi, Thonegwa and Layhtauntkan was enquired and discussed. A bill amending the excise Tax law for Yangon Region was submitted to the parliament.