Rehabilitation: Rebuilding Of Border Fence Inspected

14 September 2017

Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Ye Aung and party inspected the rebuilding processes of the Maungtaw border fence on Wednesday. They also inspected Taungbazar-Warnat Yone roads and bridges.
The Union Minister also met with the Khami ethnic villagers who have fled their homes in Sinphyutaung village in Buthidaung from ARSA extremist terrorists.

He also encouraged them and provided medicines. The Union Minister later visited Wanet Yone village where Myo ethnic villagers live and provided them with medicine and food rations. At Myoma monastery in Maungtaw Township, the Union Minister met with students from Nantthataung Parahitta monastery in Taungpyolett Township who are taking temporary shelter in Maungtaw.

The Union Minster donated school uniforms, exercise books and food rations to the students. He also provided other necessities to the teachers. The Union Minister later proceeded to Nyaungchaung village where Islamic villagers resided. He said that since stability was returning to the region, the livelihoods of the people will return to normalcy. He also provided food rations to the villagers.

The Union Minister also met with staff from the Youth Training schools and Women’s vocational training school. He urged them to be alert with security awareness and provided their necessities.