Reversed Perspective: World Believes In The Drama Created By ARSA

20 September 2017

"The world believes in the drama created by ARSA with their capacity of media penetration" was said by the Union Minister for the defence.

The defence minister Lt. General Sein Win remarked it by replying the queries of the journalists, when he came to attend the state counsellor's state of the union address at MICC-2 on Tuesday.

Union minister, Ministry of defence, Lt. Gen. Sein Win said “ARSA fabricated the stories. They fled after carrying out the attacks against the security forces. As they spread the fabricated the stories through the media, the world believes in their distortions and show sympathy for them. Actually, they killed the indigenous ethnic minorities such as Daingnet, Mro, Rekhine. The world didn't know the truth. The true victims of violent attacks and ethnic cleansing were the indigenous ethnic minorities. The world has the reversed perspective on Rakhine issue as they spread the reversals of situation.”

"China is our good neighbour", said, the union minister, when he replied the question about China's stance on Rakhine issue raised by a journalist.

Union minister, Ministry of defence, Lt. Gen. Sein Win said “Regarding with China, it is our good neighbour. They are at our side as they understand the truth that we are following. Our neighbours help us with the sense of good neighbours.”

More than 700 Governmental officials, diplomats, UN agencies representatives, local and international media persons attended the state counsellor's speech on the national reconciliation and peace held at MICC-2, Nay Pyi Taw.