Sea Prix Jeunesse: Video Festival And Contest To Hold In Myanmar

3 October 2017

The 1st national committee meeting of South East Asia Prix Jeunesse Video festival (SEAPJ) took place with related organizations and joint broadcasters at MRTV compound in Yangon, Monday.

The festival targeted to implement the benefit for the young people and ASEAN member countries become more participate in the festival.

There are three categories for the contestants as professional, amateur and children. The final competition will be held on November at Manila.

Director (Radio department), Myanmar Radio and television, Zayar said “This is the first meeting for implementing the festival in Myanmar. We discussed how to form the panel of judge, how to invite contestants and what are the rules and regulations for the festival. We also formed the national committees with 7 members for arranging the festival. This festival is to promote the skillful young producers if they are competing at the festival. So we plan to turn out the excellent contestants to represent Myanmar. This year theme is Pride itself, Pride family.”

The main essence of the festival is to publicize the creations of the children, development the video creation industry and the family life with the valuable and social behaviors among themselves.