Smart City: Challenges Ahead Including Infrastructure & Policies

14 January 2018

Yangon is still challenging to be a smart city. ICT related stakeholders urged the government to ensure a "Master Plan" to underway.

The Commercial City Yangon is expected to be a megacity by 2040 with 10 million populations. The Yangon Region Computer Industry Association said electricity and basic infrastructure are challenging to be Yangon, "Smart".

The ICT advanced services are slightly improved in the city; the association mentioned YBS's card payment system and taxi services like GRAB and UBER. However it is still lagged behind even in the ASEAN region.

The policies also need to be introduced, the Association said, the authorities seems like less attention than other countries.

PRESIDENT, YANGON REGION COMPUTER INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, MYO MIN OO said “Data will be “open” when the smart city is introduced. So it needs to be provided policies to have security and privacy. There are a lot of challenges ahead, but this is one of them.”

Besides, the regional government and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) have implemented a master plan until 2040, to fill infrastructure needs by upgrading transportation, traffic management and water system.

However people have to have smart ethics and behaviors to fix in it, the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association said.


AYE LIN said “Once the smart city is introduced, people should be smart as well. They have to be ensured to be disciplinarians with smart behaviors.”

"Smart City" is a municipality that uses ICT to increase operational efficiency making improvement the quality of both the government services and citizen welfare.