SMEs Training: Training For Value –Added Products Of Hyacinth

29 August 2017

The opening ceremony of the training for the production of value –added products of Hyacinth took place in Yangon, Monday.

With the supporting of Ministry of industry, Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association gives the training to produce the value-added products based on Hyacinth and also aim to create networks among entrepreneurs to promote their products and encourage more value- added manufacturers in the furniture industry.

Chairman, Myanmar rattan & bamboo entrepreneur association, Kyaw Thu said “We always open the trainings for the SME entrepreneurs to produce the products using the hyacinth in rural areas. Currently, we are producing the hyacinth based furniture. The furniture products are attracted to most of the people. So the training is very helpful for the SME entrepreneurs because they can manufacture the products with their ideas to develop business.”

The products from Hyacinth such as Chair, Stool frame, waste Basket Frame, Pencil cup frame, Rattan core, chair frame, partition frame, Tissue Box were showcased at the training.

SME entrepreneur, Kaung San said “I am self-employed by distributing shoes to the local market. I produce several types of shoes using rubber, lather, rattan and so on. I plan to make shoes using water hyacinth so I come and join this training to learn technical know-how to produce the value added products.”

The products will be displayed by the trainees at the final day of the training.  The training will run from August 28th to September 8th 2017.