Training Underway: Badminton Asia U-17 And U-15 Junior Championships In October

26 September 2017

Myanmar Under-15 and Under-17 badminton teams have been training for Badminton Asia U-17 and U-15 Junior championships.

The championships will be hosted in Yangon from the 4th to the 8th of October. These young players selected from the last federation’s championship have been camped.

The upcoming championships will be a test for Myanmar as efforts are being made to raise the country’s badminton sport again.

Player, U-17 Women Team, Seng Jar Nan said “I’m training my best.  As Asian level, the matches will be tough but I’ll try my best. I’m satisfied with the training as the coach trains us a lot carefully and systematically.”

Coach, U-15 & U-17 Women Teams, Swe Mar Oo said “We don’t have much time for training yet, I’m satisfied with the players’ performance. They are so competitive and active. I’d say they have been trying so hard.”

There are 10 training sessions in a week … Physical training in the morning and tactical in the evening. Test matches are also held on every Saturday.

Coach, U-17 Men Team, Tun Tun Zaw said “We faced difficulties - we had to gather and select new young players as the country has not stepped into such a level event for a long time. However, we have been training our best.”

Player, U-17 Men Team, Aung Kaung said “Coaches really take care of us in the training and I’m satisfied. I will try my best although it’s gonna be an Asian level.”

The upcoming championships are only about 1 and a half month away.

Coach, U-15 Men Team, Zaw Maung Maung Soe said “We face difficulties in training as we don’t have much time. But we’ve seen that all the players are really doing well and trying so hard.”

13 Asian countries will participate in the upcoming championships.

As Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and India are good at badminton, the championships will bring not only Asian level test but world level test also.