Trump says United States remain committed to NATO

16 July 2018

Donald Trump claimed a personal victory at a NATO summit on Thursday (July 12) after telling European allies to increase spending or lose Washington's support. During the two-day summit in Brussels, Trump complained loudly that NATO budgets were unfair to U.S. taxpayers, and the emergence of what he said was a warm consensus around him.

NATO members have committed to spending at least two percent of their national income on defence by 2024, though the terms allow for stretching that in some cases to 2030. The United States spent 3.6 percent last year, while Germany, the second biggest, paid out just 1.2 percent and only a handful of countries met the 2 percent target. 

U.S. PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP said "And the United State's commitment to NATO is very strong, remains very strong. But primarily because everyone, the spirit they have, the amount of money they're willing to spend, the additional money they will be putting up has been really amazing to see the level of spirit in that room is incredible."