Variety Concert: To Perform For 2 Days During Democracy Festival

13 September 2017

The coordination meeting for staging the variety concert during Democracy Festival jointly organized by the Ministry of Information, Myanmar Motion Pictures organization, Myanmar drama association and Myanmar Music association, was held at MRTV compound, Yangon on Wednesday.

The opening ceremony of Myanmar Democracy Film festival will be held from September 15th to 21st on the occasion of International day of Democracy and Peace.

5 Films about education and peace; will be screened at the festival.

Director , Motion picture development department, Thein Naing said “Currently, we decided the 5 films for screening at the film festival. The festival is aimed at the promotion of public involvement in democratization process. I believe that these films will raise the awareness on the democracy.”

As part of the Democracy festival, the audience can enjoy the variety concert including Stage Show, Opera, Traditional and trendy songs, and drama, romantic dance performed by famous male and female artistes.

Director Maung Thi said “We are organizing the participation of all artists at the variety concert as part of the democracy film festival. We will present for the audiences with different styles and artistic works for 2 day concert.”

This variety concert of democracy festival will take place for two days from 18th to 19th September at 7 pm.