Vocational Training: 6 Categories Of Training For The Disable Persons

12 September 2017

The learning opportunity for the disabled person has been opened at the Vocational Training School for Adult with Physical Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Department of Social Welfare.

The present vocational training school for adult with physical disabilities was established as a separate institution in 1978.

The objectives of the training is to provide the relevant trainings for the physically disabled persons, to train and stand as a skilled worker and to rehabilitate themselves and to reduce dependency on others.

Principal, Vocational training school for adult Disabled, Nyut Nyut Win said “This training only for the disabled person in physically. The eligible age ranges between 18 and 45 to attend each of the training. The attendees will get the vocational skills and they will enable to stand on their feet after the training. Currently, a few former students from the trainings are working at the Call Center, Bank and companies.”

There are 6 categories ranging from 3 months to one year vocational trainings for the attendees.

Attendee, Aye Min Naing said “I am very interested in repairing electronic appliances.  So I come and join the electronic training here. I can’t do anything about farming at my home lands. So I thought that this place will be suitable for me. Now, I got many friends like me. I am really thanks for open this training for the disabled person.”

There are 49 disabled persons are attending at the training.

Attendee, Yex Thaung said “I came here from Lasho. I try to learn something for my life. So I heard about that training from my friends. According to their help, I came here and learn the tailoring. I am disabled person, but I never give up my life. After finished the training, I would go back to Lasho and I will open the tailor shop at my home.”

After the completion of training, the attendees will return to their homes to set up self employment. Some will be appointed in government departments.