Wastewater And Ash Issue: Activists Rally In Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone-1

20 September 2017

Ward-1 residents from Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial zone-1 met with Beverage factories entrepreneurs in their ward.

The meeting at the ward administration office on Wednesday afternoon focused discussion on clean environment and safer surroundings.

Earlier the day, about 50 activists from the ward rallied against the release of wastewater and ash from the factories in the industrial zone-1. There are 5 beverage factories in zone 1 which are SMT, PMG, Top One, Taw Win and Shwe Toe.

The 5 factories were shut down on the 16th of August for lack of standards.

The activists here were calling for resumption of the factories after a waste water treatment plant is established.

A waste water treatment plant to be used by the 5 factories is under construction.

Activist, Soe Moe said “The factories released the frowzy smells and it harmed residents’ health. Their ash also polluted the environment – some residents even suffered from TB. In the past, here in this area, villages relied on fishing for their livelihood. But now, they can’t due to the wastewater from the beverage factories. So, we just want to request to take care of the environment – we don’t want them to stop their business.” 

In the meeting, one of the entrepreneurs said construction of UASB waste water treatment plant will be completed in the coming December.

Owner, Shwe Toe Beverage Manufacturing Factory, Tin Shwe said “We will be able to control the release of ash, I’m sure - construction of UASB waste water treatment plant is already underway. My factory has been closed for a month now. We are now just running with remaining products.”

Construction of UASB waste water treatment plant which started in March this year is now 65 % completed.