Yangon Public Talk: Talk On Role Of Law

18 January 2018

Jointly organized by Information and Public Relationship Department and Township General Administration Department, a public talk was held in Yangon’s Practicing High school on Wednesday afternoon.

Such Public talks are held across the country with the aim of finding out and fulfilling the needs of people. This one was about the rule of law.

Staff Officer, Information and Public Relationship Department, Sein Le said “We aim to raise awareness of the role of law – this talk is on why we need laws, rules and regulations. It’s for there’s law and order in the country.”

The public talks are esteemed by the people as it also targets at young people to go forward in the right way, Practicing High School principle said.

Principal, Practicing High School, Dr. Moe Thu said “Of course we need such a program like this – children can learn a lot from it. They will emulate what the speakers say and they will study and try hard.”

Parliament members, students and residents of Kamayut Township joined the talk.